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Hey fellow bakers, we have put a few frequently asked questions answers below to help you!

How do I buy a gift subscription?

When buying a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription you have the following options.


Option 1 - You can send the subscription directly to the recipient, our dispatch times are usually around 3 to 5 working days from date of order so please have this in mind if you need it to arrive on a certain date.


Option 2 - You can have the subscription sent to yourself and then you can pass this on in person (this is a good idea if you want to wrap or if it's part of other gifts) Only the first box would be dispatched to you and then the recipient would activate the remaining subscription at their leisure to any desired address in the UK using the instructions found in the first box. 

can i add a gift message to a subscription ?

Yes you can do this at the checkout by adding your comment in the add note box.

If i bought this for a Christmas gift would it keep?

Yes as all of our first boxes would have at least 3 month shelf life and no further boxes are sent until the recipient activates the account. 

What is the shelf life of your boxes? 

All of our boxes are dispatched with a minimum of 3 months shelf life. 

Do I need to activate my gift subscription ?

Yes you must activate your subscription if you have been gifted or bought a fixed term subscription, you can do this by following the instructions on the welcome to the club card found in your first box along with your unique membership number. Please note that until you have activated your subscription nothing will be dispatched, you have 12 months to activate your fixed term subscription. 

Why has my subscription not arrived? 

Please make sure you have activated your subscription, If you have and you are still having issues then please contact our subscription team quoting your membership number -

do you have a gluten free option?

Unfortunately we don't at the moment but our development team are always creating new products so watch this space..... 

When does my monthly subscription get dispatched? 

When you have activated your account then Bread Boxes are dispatched on the 18th of each month and Trend boxes are dispatched on the 28th of each month. 

Do i need any equipment?

For the majority of our subscriptions all you will need is a mixing bowl, baking tray and sometimes a rolling pin.